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It started — as things do — with one question.

How can we do better?

We as human beings have forever been wrapped up in chasing happiness. We rarely realize that by engaging in the chase, we’re after a carrot which will only extend further out of our reach the more we pursue it.

Through conversations with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and authors, The Mosaic Life Podcast seeks to share the invaluable wisdom learned through decades and centuries of research and personal experience to help us all live happier and more content lives.

Life is art. Every moment a picture painted in time. Color, texture, lighting — all context. The Mosaic Life vision is to cast a warm glow on your masterpiece, highlighting the struggle while showcasing the culmination of years of hard work.

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Hosted by Trey Kauffman, The Mosaic Life Podcast breaks down the fundamental question, “How can we do better?” The goal since inception has been to tease out the qualities and resources used by others to both overcome great adversity and to help others tune into their happiness frequency.

Originally conceived of alongside Ernie Welsh, Trey was able to help lead the podcast through 50 episodes with Ernie at his side. In August of 2020, Ernie left to pursue his own venture and focus on his family life, arguably his most important pursuit. From inception, the mission of The Mosaic Life Podcast has been to foster open and truthful conversations with ourselves and others.

The Mosaic Life Podcast aims to explore the depths of our psyches. We in western culture have a tenacity for shying away from taboo and vulnerable topics of conversation, without which we stagnate our growth. It’s through conversations we have aimed to expand our consciousness to help those who haven’t discovered how to help themselves.

Podcast Production

As a veteran podcaster, Trey’s goal with any production he has worked on has always been to provide content of the highest quality, from audio to conversation. Having begun its development in the summer of 2019, The Mosaic Life Podcast was brought to life on October 13th, 2019 with the first conversation simply and eloquently titled, On Happiness.

It’s perhaps with a bit of irony and cruel fate that The Mosaic Life Podcast would come into its infancy during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, forcing Trey to practice the teachings and experiences he’s worked so hard to embody. Through the worldwide struggle, however, the he’s found a way to work closer together while recording from afar.

As of Summer 2021, the podcast has released more than 100 episodes, including interviews with bestselling author Nir Eyal, millionaire coach and real estate mogul Krisstina Wise, world-renowned nutritional biochemist and author Shawn Wells, CEO of venture-backed RedCircle Mike Kadin, and health and addiction recovery experts such as Dr. Rob Graessle and Nathan Kohlerman.

The content strategy of The Mosaic Life Podcast has been and continues to be to speak with leaders in ways which will bring out the highest value of change in the lives of the listeners.

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The Mosaic Life Podcast releases episodes each week, with guest interviews releasing exclusively on Tuesday mornings.

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“Trey is an amazing podcast host! You can tell that he cares not only about his audience but also wants to create an experience with his guests. He has a wonderful flow about him that makes it so easy to converse, and asks amazing insightful questions to keep the conversation informative and interesting. I cannot recommend his podcast enough as I think it is so important to highlight all the ways we can be happier as human beings. Can’t wait to see this podcast reach the top!”

-Stephanie Foster

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The Mosaic Life vision is to cast a warm glow on your masterpiece, highlighting the struggle while showcasing the culmination of years of hard work.

Latest Episodes

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