Episode 98: Julie Palmer – Harnessing Our Vulnerabilities & Living Non-Negotiable Dreams

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“I am up for making this world a more connected joyful place.”

-Julie Palmer

Julie Palmer is the owner and head creatrix at the Retreat Goddess. She’s a kickass retreat designer for adventurous women who dare to live fully. She’s also indispensable to healers and coaches who rely on Julie’s creative genius and organizational skills to design VIP retreats for their clients. Julie, a graduate of the University of Michigan, is passionate about community and collaboration. She is an active member in her home city, contributing many hours as a board member with Hero Nation. You can often spot Julie linking arms with empowered women, cheering each other on, as they plot to change the world.

Prior to specializing in retreats, Julie owned JEM Events, an event planning & production company. This was born out of a deeply rooted desire to bring clients’ visions to life. Her work is anchored in 25 years of business experience. Julie now pours her passion and creative design into every retreat, just like she did with every wedding, festival and corporate event. In her free time, Julie enjoys reading, arranging fresh flowers and spending time with her large family. With six children, two dogs, four cats and two fish tanks, there’s never a dull moment in Julie’s home.

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00:05:56 Welcome, Julie!
00:08:21 Finding Ways to Authentically Connect
00:12:22 Our Freedom Outside of Corporate America
00:18:23 Resisting Victim Mentalities
00:25:07 Shadow Work & Uncovering Our Shame
00:31:47 Living Our Non-Negotiable Dreams
00:39:01 Creating Transformative Travel Experiences for Women
00:50:35 Breaking Free of Our Scarcity Mindsets
00:53:43 Traveling with Julie
00:58:07 Resources Julie is Looking For
00:59:47 Julie’s Life-Changing Book
01:01:42 Julie’s Personal Call to Action
01:02:36 Connecting with Julie
01:02:59 Thank You, Julie!

Julie’s Life-Changing Book
“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Books Mentioned
“Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown

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