Episode 97: Priscilla Aguila – Becoming a Mompreneur & the Power of Celebrating Our Wins

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“Joy to me is a cotton candy cloud.”

-Priscilla Aguila

Priscilla Aguila is the ingenious mastermind inspiring daily seriously playful celebrations through her Everyday Sillybrations social media posts. She is an a-ha whisperer, branding maestro, and fashion accessory designer.

The origin of her Sillybrations stemmed from a random holiday celebrating french fries. It originally was meant to coincide with her retail convertible bow set business The Meet Cute Co., but has evolved into becoming part of her daily essential self-care. Tired of seeing the negative content on social media, she has committed to posting her Sillybrations on Facebook every day (since August 1st, 2020), to show her audience how there is always inspiration everywhere and something to celebrate. The Sillybrations can even spark a fond memory. Even if it is just french fries.

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Everyday Sillybrations on Facebook
Everyday Sillybrations on Instagram
Get Silly Creative

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00:06:44 Welcome, Priscilla!
00:08:47 Being a Mompreneur
00:12:54 Celebrating Life’s Moments
00:19:20 The Power of Showing Up
00:24:30 Celebrating All of Our Wins
00:32:04 Changing Our Perspectives
00:41:45 Adventures Are Out There
00:48:49 Getting 1% Better
00:52:49 Finding Our Zone of Genius
01:00:50 Resources Priscilla is Looking For
01:03:44 Priscilla’s Life-Changing Book
01:07:39 Priscilla’s Call to Action
01:08:14 Connecting with Priscilla
01:09:08 Thank You, Priscilla!

Priscilla’s Life-Changing Book
“Missing Piece Meet Big O” by Shel Silverstein

Books Mentioned
“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks
“The Rising Sisterhood” by Amy Edge

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