Episode 96: Rodrigo Gallego – Reconnecting with Our Bodies & Taking Responsibility for Our Health

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“Make room for what matters to you today.”

-Rodrigo Gallego

Rodrigo Gallego is a movement coach and founder of Barefoot Movers. He’s passionate about helping adults reconnect with their bodies, and understand that age is just one part of the equation for a healthy, functional and strong body and a long, engaged and fulfilled life.

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@BarefootMovers on Instagram
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00:01:55 Welcome, Rodrigo!
00:06:20 Adding Playfulness to Our Movement
00:12:34 Taking Care of Ourselves Today for Ourselves Tomorrow
00:23:52 Feeling Good is the Reward
00:26:31 We Need to be Responsible for Our Health
00:29:44 Putting in the Work for the Sake of Our Health
00:38:22 The Process of Working with Rodrigo
00:46:11 The Power of Starting with Small Movements
00:51:02 Reconnecting with Our Feet
01:00:48 Resources Rodrigo is Looking For
01:04:51 Rodrigo’s Life-Changing Book
01:09:52 Rodrigo’s Call to Action
01:11:51 Connecting with Rodrigo
01:12:33 Thank You, Rodrigo!

Rodrigo’s Life-Changing Book
“Go Wild” by John Ratey and Richard Manning

Books Mentioned
“Becoming Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza

Additional Resources
How Early Retirement Might Be Killing Men | Forbes
David Goggins
The Best Barefoot Shoes for Walking or Running | WIRED
Episode #48: Brianne Showman on The Mosaic Life Podcast

Words of Wisdom
“Be brave enough to suck at something new.”

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