Episode 95: David Schwendiman – Finding Success After Failure & Learning How to Live a Great Life

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“Keep showing up every day, keep doing the right thing and you don’t have to worry about the money.”

-David Schwendiman

David Schwendiman has spent the last two decades starting, failing, and growing multiple businesses, only to discover that his unique abilities, experiences and talents, make him a master business coach. His playful approach to business allows him to support and create growth at all levels, from solo-preneurs, to Fortune 500 companies. With a unique ability to completely disrupt industry monotony, using a service based, playfessional approach to business, David has an ability to see solutions where others only see challenges and problems.

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00:04:16 Welcome, David!
00:07:18 Working with Gary Mahler
00:11:12 Turning Bad Luck into Fortune
00:19:11 Vaccinated Against Failure
00:24:29 Finding Success as an Entrepreneur
00:32:44 De-stigmatizing Investing in Ourselves
00:40:15 Leaving the Comfort of Corporate
00:50:29 The Gift of Reciprocity
00:52:58 The Last Blockbuster
00:55:28 Resources David is Looking For
00:58:16 David’s Life-Changing Book
01:01:16 David’s Personal Call to Action
01:04:31 Connecting with David
01:05:20 Thank You, David!

David’s Life-Changing Book
“The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann

Additional Resources
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Bend, Oregon
Steve Chandler
“The Last Blockbuster” on Netflix
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Melissa Ford Coaching

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