Episode 92: Jeff Swartz – Running an Ethical Agency, Core Values & Employee Happiness

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“The reality of it is it’s actually easier to be happier along the journey than it is when you actually get there.”

-Jeff Swartz

Jeff Swartz is an entrepreneur, dabbles in real estate investing, advertiser, speaker/guest lecturer, husband, and father. Jeff is currently most well known as the Founder and President of Ethic Advertising Agency. An ad agency specializing in hyper targeted digital advertising and creative development (video, audio, animation, and graphic design.) He has applied a focus on culture and happiness to his company from day one. He and his agency have been recognized or awarded by The Telly’s, Expertise, Three Best Rater, Marcoms, Hermes Creative awards, Business Times, and has recently been selected as a top U.S. business leader by Top 100 Magazine.

More importantly for this podcast, he’s an avid believer that the constant pursuit of collective happiness is vital for any business and individual.

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00:04:09 Welcome, Jeff!
00:06:03 The Value of Quality Networking
00:11:12 Ethical Advertising with Ethic Advertising
00:15:38 The Burden of Being Responsible for the Happiness of Others
00:25:31 Setting Micro Goals
00:29:48 Reflecting On Our Accomplishments
00:34:20 Helping Employees Accomplish Their Goals
00:40:56 Hiring vs. Firing Considerations
00:45:14 The Evolution of an Organization’s Values
00:48:15 How Podcasting Advertising is Changing
00:55:39 Resources Jeff is Looking For
00:58:45 Jeff’s Life-Changing Book
01:02:29 Jeff’s Call to Action
01:03:15 Connecting with Jeff
01:05:53 Thank You, Jeff!

Jeff’s Life-Changing Book
“Traction” by Gino Wickman

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Words of Wisdom
“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” -Thomas Jefferson

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