Episode 69: Addie Spahr Kim – A Holistic Approach to Health, Wellness & Happiness

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“I don’t think that it’s ever too soon, and it’s also never too late, to really instill healthy habits.”

-Addie Spahr Kim

Holistic wellness and healthy lifestyle expert, Addie has been helping others heal their bodies for over a decade. As a mama to two very active boys, she is all too familiar with the art of life juggling while balancing that with her own self-care and healthy lifestyle and thrives on teaching others to do the same.

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00:02:50 Welcome, Addie!
00:05:20 Downsizing for Happiness
00:07:19 Unique Worldviews
00:12:53 Adding Good to Make the Bad Fall Away
00:15:48 Good Food Replaces Bad
00:18:36 How to Define a Health Coach
00:20:52 De-stigmatizing the Holistic Approach
00:26:51 Creating Health Programs that Work
00:34:19 The Threshold for Change
00:37:51 Trey’s Relationship with Alcohol
00:48:03 Setting Our Baselines
00:49:42 Biohacking
00:56:32 Modeling Healthy Habits for Children
01:05:03 Our Love for Kombucha
01:07:40 Resources Addie Needs to Grow
01:09:31 Addie’s Life-Changing Book
01:13:15 Connecting with Addie
01:13:59 Thank You, Addie!

Addie’s Life-Changing Book
“The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera

Additional Resources
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Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Yellow Springs, Ohio
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Dave Asprey
Fitness Genome
PEMF Therapy
Aeroponic Tower Garden
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Words of Wisdom
“Alcohol is borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” -Richard Branson

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