Episode 67: Kristen Kurtz – Meditation, Self-Care & Showing Up for Yourself

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“You’ve got to be the one swimming toward the lifeguard.”

-Kristen Kurtz

Kristen Kurtz has worked in the wellness industry for the past 25 years. After graduating college at the University Of California at Santa Cruz she moved to Hawaii where she resided for 15 years. It was on Kauai where she deeply focused on how to heal herself from debilitating back pain and later from anxiety. It is now her mission to help others suffering from stress and anxiety or feeling stuck in life using her simple techniques so you can get what you really want.

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Connect with Kristen
@KristenKurtzCoaching on Instagram
Kristen Kurtz Coaching on Facebook

00:02:42 Welcome, Kristen!
00:05:38 Kristen’s Meditation Practice
00:12:24 The Importance of Morning Routines
00:16:17 Routine vs Rut
00:23:08 How We Show Up
00:27:08 Competing All the Way to the Bottom
00:33:13 Adding Good to Remove Bad
00:35:36 The Detriment of Complaining
00:39:00 Kristen’s Battle with Anxiety
00:45:58 Self-Care Toolkits
00:49:55 Raising the Next Generation of Wisdom
00:53:38 Kristen’s Current Work
00:58:33 The Resources Kristen Could Use
01:00:19 Kristen’s Life-Changing Book
01:03:40 Connecting with Kristen
01:04:22 Thank You, Kristen!

Kristen’s Life-Changing Book
“Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza

Books Mentioned
“Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday
“Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday
“Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday

Additional Resources
5 Ways to Calm Your Mind – Kristen Kurtz Coaching
Episode #62 – Amber Trueblood on The Mosaic Life Podcast
Tim Ferriss – Real Mind Control: The 20-Day No-Complaint Experiment
Outside Magazine – Science’s Newest Miracle Drug is Free
The Desatnick Foundation

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