Episode 65: Maruxa Murphy – Building Communities & Serving Her Mission

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“It’s been a year of realizing that I can do my body of work and it doesn’t have to feel hard, it just has to feel aligned.”

-Maruxa Murphy

Maruxa Murphy is the Community Architect and Instigator for 100s of change maker communities in a way that blends the good of people, purpose and profit into one another.

Using a community-driven business model, she partners with companies to ultimately craft 6- and 7-figure revenue streams. Maruxa is on the advisory teams for non-profits, startups, impact and change maker communities and organizations to grow their experiences and build the long and short term culture builds. She’s helped dozens of brands turn their communities from flailing to fierce from just a few months and onward.

In addition to running her Community Architecture and Culture Building Consultancy, she is also the founder of Perky Perky Coffee, which invites their customers to rise up from the first cup of coffee and onward throughout the day. Her “uniqueness” brought Perky Perky to the United Nations 2019 and served Perky Perky coffee to over 400 transformational world and business leaders. The United Nations on Women’s Entrepreneur Day identified Perky Perky as one of 10 women-owned brands to be on the watch out for in 2020.

Currently, she’s building a co-branded community between Perky Perky Coffee and the cookie brand, Nunbelievable, co-founded by Tony Robbins, through a show on YouTube called “Cookie Bites with Maruxa”.

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Connect with Maruxa
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00:03:04 Welcome, Maruxa!
00:06:26 Super Women in Business
00:11:48 Shifting Perceptions
00:15:12 Maruxa’s Accomplishments & Struggles
00:18:25 Building Communities
00:31:53 Strategies for Growing Online Audiences
00:37:14 The Value of Relationships
00:39:57 Combating Burnout
00:46:00 Coffee & Cookies
00:54:11 Maruxa’s Current Work & Goals
00:56:13 How Listeners Can Support Maruxa
00:57:39 Connecting with Maruxa
00:59:17 Maruxa’s Life-Changing Book
01:01:02 Thanks, Maruxa!

Maruxas’s Life-Changing Book
“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks

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