Episode 59: Kristi Holt – Building Emotional Intelligence & Tuning Into Happiness

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“When we put our happiness on things that are conditional, we are now defining our world, and our own joy is based on something or someone else.”

-Kristi Holt


Kristi Holt is is a bootstrap entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 4. After years of personal experience and research in neuroscience and human behavior, she went on to build an innovative voice biofeedback tool that increases self-awareness and strengthens emotional intelligence. Vibeonix self-awareness technology brings many to know and observe what they feel and how their thoughts, feelings, and actions create the life you desire.

Her business strategy has radically transformed businesses and the lives of those who have used her tool.

Connect with Kristi
@Vibeonix on Instagram
Kristi Holt on LinkedIn

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00:02:10 Welcome, Kristi!
00:03:00 How We Experience Life
00:07:24 Responding & Reacting
00:12:40 What is Happiness?
00:15:52 Sobriety & Happiness
00:22:41 Happiness Contingencies
00:25:46 Vibeonix
00:33:28 Knowing When You Need Help
00:36:23 De-stigmatizing Mental Health
00:42:11 Social Media & Mental Health
00:46:42 The Technology of Vibeonix
00:50:24 Working with Vibeonix
00:52:51 The Resources Kristi is Looking For
00:56:13 Kristi’s Life-Changing Book
00:58:51 Connecting with Kristi

Kristi’s Life-Changing Book
“The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav

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Words of Wisdom
“Wherever you go you’re still with you.”

“Alcohol is borrowing happiness from tomorrow.”
-Richard Branson

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