Episode 58: Ashley Mead – Prioritizing Psychological Safety in the Workplace

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“One of the things I have really learned through my time in becoming a psychotherapist is that connection with other human beings is at the core of everything that we desire.”

-Ashley Mead

Ashley is a psychotherapist, former marketing executive at Pinterest and Amazon, and founder of Unify – a consulting business with a mission to help teams and companies create and prioritize psychological safety.

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00:01:20 Welcome, Ashley!
00:02:09 Jumping Out of Airplanes
00:05:00 Ashley’s Career in Tech
00:10:30 Coping with Workplace Ethical Dilemmas
00:14:30 Breaking Out of Complacency
00:16:48 Hiring for Culture
00:19:36 Finding the Right Fit
00:21:43 Making Space for Psychological Safety with Unify
00:28:10 Honesty in the Hiring Process
00:33:49 Value Structures within Organizations
00:38:47 The New Company Culture
00:44:41 Work/Life Integration
00:48:14 Promoting People Who Aren’t Leaders
00:51:34 Art Imitating Life
00:55:04 A Case Study
00:57:12 Resistance to Change
00:59:23 The Resources Ashley Needs to Grow Unify
01:01:01 Connecting with Ashley
01:01:44 Ashley’s Life-Changing Book

Ashley’s Life-Changing Book
“Give and Take” by Adam Grant

Books Mentioned
“Dying for a Paycheck” by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Additional Resources
NYT Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace
Blue Origin
Building a psychologically safe workplace | Amy Edmondson | TEDxHGSE
Reuters Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

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