Episode 57: Lauren Laudani – Yoga, Mindfulness, Stoicism & Starting Over at Age 36

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“The minute you start to make some strides, that’s when the ego starts to challenge you, and question you, and put you in check.”

-Lauren Laudani

Lauren has been a dedicated and passionate yoga practitioner since 2009, initially to help manage the pain and limited mobility associated with the severity of her rheumatoid arthritis. She is a teacher thru and thru, having spent thirteen years teaching middle school social studies at an at-risk school in southwest Detroit.

In 2017, in her mid-30s, she found herself uniquely starting her life over from the ground up – leaving behind the only career she’d ever known and loved, as well as her life partner of 12 years. It is for this reason she adopted the mantra “Begin Again,” being living proof that it is never too late to start over, never too late to make a big change, never too late to do that next scary thing – and succeed. She knew that she could use her passion for teaching in a new arena, put her energy out there positively and authentically.

Lauren’s mission is to inspire others to live their truest and most authentic lives by fully living inside her own. Speak your truth, be unapologetically who you are, be vulnerable, be human. It is our humanity that connects us. She hopes to be a reminder of that to those who take her classes as often as possible.

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00:01:55 Welcome, Lauren!
00:04:36 Stoicism
00:07:57 Yoga & Mindfulness
00:14:29 Building a Meditation Practice
00:20:54 The Pursuit of Happiness
00:25:29 Spiritual Awakenings
00:33:17 Realizing You’re Strong Than You Think
00:39:37 Mutually Beneficial Relationships
00:43:34 Death of the Ego
00:47:01 Lauren’s Current Growth Focus
00:52:17 What Resources Lauren Needs Right Now
00:54:29 Connecting with Lauren
00:54:50 Lauren’s Life-Changing Book

Lauren’s Life-Changing Book
“A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers

Books Mentioned
Time Magazine: The Science of Happiness
“Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker
“The Hacking of the American Mind” by Robert Lustig
“Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger
“On the Road” by Jack Kerouac

Additional Resources
@WorldofIsaac on Twitter
Stoicism (The Daily Stoic)
Episode 56: Anna Bitters on The Mosaic Life Podcast
Episode 28: Scott Hilburn on The Mosaic Life Podcast
Schools of Yoga: Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar
Oura Ring

Words of Wisdom
“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” -Epictetus

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