Episode 51: Tia Holmes – The Energy of Chaos and Stepping Into Our Higher Selves

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“If you want a new life, the foundation you’re standing on has to be destroyed.”

-Tia Holmes

The medicine of TIHOCO is an interweaving of design, intuitive marketing and metaphysical alchemy. Choosing to inject your service with the intuitive eye of Tia means allowing a ripple effect of Holy proportions to move through your business. The specific skill set that makes this sort of cataclysmic rumble has been carefully curated through over 20 years of business building, innovation and experience. There is no way to commit to working with Tia and have things remain the same; the magnetism of her medicine simply doesn’t allow for it. Committing to a journey with her means being willing to undertake a deep initiation into authentic business. Tia’s medicine will bring you face to face with the moments and places where you have lost your integrity, and demand that you replace that expression with truth.

Tia has become the bridge between worlds, and brings through a state of genius that unlocks and activates. Her unique genius lies in her ability to channel a business’ Sacred Identity; the blueprint for a business’ brand that unlocks its giant nature, turning it into an industry of one.

This medicine is not for the faint of heart. It requires a grounded willingness for development and an openness to a new way. Choosing to journey with TIHOCO is not designed for comfort, but it is designed to be worth it.

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00:03:44 Welcome, Tia!
00:05:01 What Tia is Bringing to the World
00:07:49 Tia’s Practice Connecting to a Divine Stream
00:10:12 In Pursuit of Your Own Meaning
00:20:34 Making the Final Leap
00:24:17 Stepping into Our Higher Selves
00:34:07 Tia’s New Podcast: Oman
00:35:44 The Energy of Chaos
00:47:56 Working with Tia
00:51:33 Setting Intentions
00:53:56 Wrapping Up
00:54:35 Connecting with Tia

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