Episode 46: Dan Candell – The Anxiety Relief Guy

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“You change nothing and nothing changes.”

-Dan Candell

Dan Candell is a Multi-Award Winning Board Certified Hypnotist, Author, & Speaker. He has been doing hypnosis for more than half his life. Now, he travels the world with his hypnotic presentations and works with groups and individuals, teaching them how to release anxiety fast and helps them replace it with confidence and self-control. He is known around the world as ‘The Anxiety Relief Guy,” and can help you positively re-wire your subconscious mind to live a more high-performing life!

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Connect with Dan
@DanCandell on Instagram
@DanCandell on Twitter
The Dan Candell on Facebook
Dan Candell on YouTube
“The Hypnotic Connection” by Dan Candell

00:05:12 Welcome, Dan!
00:07:06 The Anxiety Relief Guy
00:13:46 How to Get Hypnotized
00:20:01 Using the Power of Hypnosis for Good
00:26:07 Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Those Dan Works With
00:30:36 The Apps in Our Mind
00:35:16 How would we use hypnosis?
00:39:43 Fear of Loss of Control
00:47:13 Hypnosis and Psychedelic Drugs
00:51:50 Pain Management (Hypnotic Changing Sub-modalities)
01:01:34 Dan’s TED Talk
01:09:39 Dan’s Life-Changing Book
01:14:49 Working with Dan
01:18:25 Wrapping Up

Dan’s Life-Changing Book
“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks

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