Episode 39: Mike Kadin – Building a Tech Startup, Parenting, and the Future of Podcasting

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“I didn’t want the fact that we were building a family to prevent us from pursuing the things that we care about most.”

-Mike Kadin

Mike Kadin is the founder and CEO of RedCircle, a podcast platform that helps podcasters turn their hobby into a business. Mike is a self-taught software engineer, who learned to code for the web so that he could speed up his workflow as a high school teacher. After building software for educational institutions and non-profits, he spent 5 years at Uber building out all of Uber’s engineering infrastructure for messaging and marketing.

As a lifelong creator, Mike founded RedCircle because he discovered how hard it was for podcasters with thousands of fans to earn money for their art. With venture-backing from top Silicon Valley VCs, and an amazing 11-person team in San Francisco, RedCircle is excited to be delivering tremendous revenue for thousands of podcasters around the world.

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Connect with Mike
@GetRedCircle on Instagram
@GetRedCircle on Facebook
@GetRedCircle on Twitter
@MKadin on Twitter

00:04:45 Introducing Mike
00:06:20 Mike’s Background
00:11:07 Podcasting’s Life So Far
00:12:38 By the Numbers
00:13:34 From Teammate to CEO
00:21:22 Ethics in Podcasting
00:27:08 Podcasting Fundamentals
00:28:17 Joe Rogan & Spotify
00:34:35 Building a Tech Startup as a New Parent
00:37:51 Lessons in Fatherhood & Business
00:45:41 Breaking into Podcasting
00:51:47 Industry Shifts
00:55:39 Driverless Cars & Listening Habits
00:57:53 Finding Mike Mike on Twitter
00:59:09 Mike’s Life-Changing Book
01:01:20 Expressing Gratitude to Mike

Mike’s Life-Changing Book
“Weapons of Math Destruction” by Cathy O’Neil

Additional Resources
“Conspiracy” by Ryan Holiday
Joe Rogan’s Move to Spotify

Honorable Mentions
Uhh Yeah Dude Podcast
The Hashtag Questions Podcast with The B&T Boys

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