Episode 37: Robby Herbst – Meditation Instruction, Daily Practice, and Setting Intentions

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“If we’re walking around with a clouded brain, that’s going to impact our decision making, that’s going to impact the choices that we make on a daily basis.”

-Robby Herbst

Outside of his life in the marketing world, Robby is a meditation teacher. Experimenting with his own practice for nearly a decade now, his experience with meditation has not only changed his life but inspired him to teach others. Within the last year, he created Tune Inward, a meditation community focused on making meditation accessible and practical for all.

He’s passionate about providing his students with guidance to either start up or enhance their practice. He also focuses on helping each student build a habit and establish a routine so he or she can consistently experience the benefits of meditation for his or her self.

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Connect with Robby
@TuneInward on Instagram

00:06:28 Welcome, Robby!
00:07:45 Robby’s First Meditation Experience
00:12:55 Removing Barriers to Successful Meditation
00:17:08 Overcoming Self-Consciousness
00:18:41 Leading Meditation in the Office
00:23:57 Meditating Alone versus in a Group
00:26:45 Consistency in Practice
00:27:58 Hacking Your Practice
00:34:06 Morning Routines
00:39:20 Consciousness Shift
00:43:40 Living Sober
00:45:28 Robby’s Personal Silent Retreat
00:55:38 TuneInward
00:59:16 Developing Emotional Awareness
01:05:11 Building a Relationship with Your Coach
01:10:09 Robby’s Next Evolution in Meditation
01:15:46 Book Recommendations
01:19:33 Robby’s Life-Changing Book
01:23:30 Expressing Gratitude to Robby

Click here to listen to Tune Inward’s first meditation on The Mosaic Life Podcast

Robby’s Life-Changing Book
“Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer

Additional Resources
“Atomic Habits” by James Clear
“Real Happiness” by Sharon Salzberg
“An Open Heart” by The Dalai Lama
“The Hacking of the American Mind” by Robert Lustig
“Irresistible” by Adam Alter
“Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport
“How to Break Up with Your Phone” by Catherine Price
“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins
“The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell

Honorable Mentions
Black Squirrel Radio
Noah Kagan on Positive Triggers
Lisa Bond on The Mosaic Life Podcast

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