Episode 36: Timothy Wenger – Masculinity, Facing Our Dark Side, and What It Means to Be a Man

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“The sooner I face my issues, the sooner I find relief.”

-Timothy Wenger


Timothy is a photographer, writer, business consultant, and a lover of living his life. He founded The Man Effect out of a desire to find answers for what it means to be a man, this sent him literally around the world and helped him have many new experiences. This journey has not stopped and he continues to press on and create a conversation around what does it mean to be a man.

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00:05:01 Welcome, Timothy Wenger!
00:07:09 A Conversation about Masculinity
00:08:04 What is The Man Effect?
00:13:05 How many words is a picture worth?
00:18:42 Timothy’s Interview Process
00:19:59 The Mental Aspect of Being a Man
00:23:40 What does it mean to Timothy to be a man?
00:26:51 Concepts Men Grow Up With
00:30:43 Culture & Manhood: Integrity, Respect, Honor, Love, True
00:39:07 Timothy’s Cadence
00:41:33 Derailed by an Injury
00:43:55 Toxic Masculinity
00:46:37 Timothy’s Injury & Recovery
00:51:08 Dealing with Our Dark Sides
00:54:35 Timothy’s Upcoming Book
01:01:46 Where You Can Find Timothy
01:02:21 Timothy’s Life-Changing Book

Timothy’s Life-Changing Book
“The Kingdom of God is Within You” by Leo Tolstoy

Additional Resources
The Crucible Project
ManKind Project
John Wineland Embodied Men’s Leadership Training

Honorable Mentions
“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins


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