Episode 28: Scott Hilburn – Spiritual Awakenings, Kundalini Yoga, and Expanding Our Awareness

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Scott Hilburn is a passionate cinematographer and producer on a mission to create conscious and elevating films and documentaries. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010 and his entire life changed. He was led down a journey of practicing and teaching advanced metaphysical techniques for six years, now he practices and teaches mindset through personal growth exercises, kundalini yoga, freeform dance, and other conscious techniques. He is also an investor into conscious and elevating organizations.

Learn more about Scott: Instagram, Linktr.ee, When Lightning Strikes FilmThis episode of the podcast is brought to you by 2237 Designs. Do you own your website? Make managing your online presence stupid simple, not just stupid.

00:05:31 Welcome, Scott
00:09:31 How Will the World Be Different?
00:10:38 Ernie’s Introduction of Scott
00:15:37 When Lightning Strikes & Scott’s Film Work
00:18:03 Spiritual Awakenings
00:27:54 Elevating Consciousness
00:31:41 Training Our Minds
00:33:39 Mass Awakening
00:41:35 Expansive Awareness
00:43:08 Reaching More People
00:47:01 Kundalini Yoga
00:59:35 Practicing Kundalini Yoga
01:04:44 Value in Being Committed to Our Practice
01:07:11 Scott’s Other Work
01:11:13 Scott’s Life Changing Book

Noteworthy Mentions
The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Words to Reflect Upon
“We’re only being of service to ourselves or the world if we’re serving what we know, what we can give and what we can offer to people.” Ernie Welsh

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