Episode 150: Holli Moeini & Jeanna Hanenburg — The Final Episode & Appreciating the Value of the Content We Create as Podcasters

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“The unknown is uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to grow.”

—Holli Moeini

Holli Moeini and Jeanna Hanenburg, hosts of the LOA Uncorked Podcast and inseparable BFFs, found each other in 2004 when they worked together in corporate America. They very successfully created meaningful experiences for their teams and clients while their beautiful, inspired friendship grew and deepened. A legendary friendship really, grounded in soul sisterhood and their passion for learning how to create epic lives and savoring them to the fullest.

Out of their thirst to create magic within a community and their love for the limelight, the LOA Uncorked podcast was born in 2018. Holli and Jeanna are all about making conscious creation a lifestyle – about learning and sharing how we can experience and express ourselves fully in our authenticity and personal power. They love to experiment with every inspiring philosophy, viewpoint, technique or life hack there is, and, at the same time, they are fully in their element, sharing their own wisdom and creation adventures with the world. And so, they’re both students and teachers in their podcast episodes, absolutely passionate about empowering their listeners to learn to fully own their lives along with them.

On LOA Uncorked, Holli and Jeanna share deep conversations that they fill with lots of fun and light-heartedness. They love to create a VIP atmosphere for both their guests and their listeners. If you like to be cuddled, laugh and learn at the same time, LOA Uncorked is for you!

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00:02:31 Welcome, Holli & Jeanna!
00:04:49 The Power of Relationships Built Through Podcasting
00:16:32 How We Got Our Start in Podcasting
00:21:18 Why The Mosaic Life Podcast is Coming to an End
00:31:44 Taking a Leap of Faith for the Futures We Want
00:47:28 Creating Content to Help Others Live Their Best Lives
01:02:16 What I’ve Learned from The Mosaic Life Podcast
01:07:28 Resources Holli & Jeanna Are Looking For
01:09:15 Holli & Jeanna’s Life-Changing Books
01:12:56 Holli & Jeanna’s Calls to Action
01:15:34 Holli’s Advice for Trey
01:16:57 Connecting with Holli & Jeanna
01:17:45 Thank You, Holli & Jeanna!
01:18:17 A Thank You from Trey

Holli & Jeanna’s Life-Changing Books
“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

Additional Resources
twenty one pilots – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Cover)
Hashtag Questions Podcast
Episode #145: Barbara Kern on The Mosaic Life Podcast
We Can Do Hard Things Podcast
Conan’s Goodby | Don’t Be Cynical

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