Episode 149: Johanna Vissman French — Starting Her Entrepreneurial Journey During the Pandemic & How Her Sobriety Helped Her Succeed

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“I want to be authentic. I want to be caring. I want to respect people.”

—Johanna Vissman French

Johanna Vissman French is the owner & artist of CLO + LO ABODE, a shop that offers vintage and found home furnishings, home decor, art, & so much more. She’d always dreamt of breaking into a more creative professional life, especially interior design, yet up until COVID, had only seen nothing but barriers and excuses. After finding herself suddenly unemployed in 2020, like so many other people, she was finally granted the opportunity to dive into the collection of furniture projects she’d been hoarding over the years.⠀

Her business’ slogan is ‘advocating for the comeback of people and stuff’ and that stems from her own comeback. After growing up quite impoverished, she struggled with drugs and alcohol until ultimately deciding to design a life she didn’t want to escape from. With that came sobriety, her remarkable husband, Brandon, the birth of their amazing daughter, Clover, and finally, her dream career.

Connect with Johanna
@CloLoAbode on Instagram

00:02:31 Welcome, Johanna!
00:11:10 Following Entrepreneurial Dreams
00:20:33 Encouraging Employees to Remain True to Their Dreams
00:26:59 Johanna’s Journey to Sobriety
00:44:39 How Sobriety Changes Us
00:53:57 Resources Johanna is Looking For
00:55:04 Johanna’s Life-Changing Book
00:56:35 Johanna’s Call to Action
00:58:19 Connecting with Johanna
00:58:47 Thank You, Johanna!

Johanna’s Life-Changing Book
“One Breath at a Time” by Kevin Griffin

Additional Resources
The Sunk Cost Fallacy

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