Episode 148: Alyssa Couture — Striving for Spirituality & Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

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“I’m all about practical fashion.”

—Alyssa Couture

Alyssa Couture is a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. She feels fashion is an opportunity to attain health and healing. She claims the existence of fashion can be interpreted and experienced with a deeper purpose: fashion as an alternative medicine for mind/body/spirit. Her sole motive is to bring fashion into its course as a therapeutic, healing tool. To awaken the consciousness of the human spirit via fashion into its transmission of divine activity for overall human wellbeing and ultimate planetary awakening.

She had founded three small businesses, only one of which she is currently producing. The business she is focused on is her fashion campaign HEALTHY FASHION: creating innovative solutions for a healthier kind of fashion. It’s a platform to raise awareness of the health effects of apparel. Healthy Fashion discloses important, relative content to revamp fashion for a healthier planet, but above all, it serves for the health and livelihood of humans. It is to empower and preserve Earth, humans, and plant life.

Alyssa is the fashion author of Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths.

Connect with Alyssa
@HFCampaign on Instagram

00:02:33 Welcome, Alyssa!
00:08:25 Gaining a Better Understanding of Sustainability in Fashion
00:17:21 Merging Spiritual Life with Fashion Life
00:23:52 Healing & Healthy Fashion
00:34:25 The Ins & Outs of Starting a Fashion Line
00:40:46 Politics in Fashion
00:50:23 How to Make Sustainable Fashion Choices
00:53:01 Resources Alyssa is Looking For
00:54:25 Alyssa’s Life-Changing Book
00:56:49 Alyssa’s Call to Action
00:58:10 Connecting with Alyssa
00:58:48 Thank You, Alyssa!

Alyssa’s Life-Changing Book
“Extraordinary Healthcare: Low-Cost, No-Cost Natural Healthcare
 For Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health” by Sri Ananda Sarvasri

Additional Resources
Mount Shasta
A Mountain Of Many Legends Draws Spiritual Seekers From Around The Globe | NPR
Microplastics found in human blood for first time | The Guardian
Joshua Tree

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