Episode 147: Marjy Stagmeier — Connecting Communities to Schools & Starting a Community Landlord Revolution

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“Every time a child moves, they lose three months of education.”

—Marjy Stagmeier

Dubbed “the compassionate capitalist” by the media, Marjy Stagmeier is an affordable housing solutionist and a champion of an affordable-housing education model successfully piloted within the nonprofit she founded, Atlanta-based Star-C Programs. Stagmeier has purchased, renovated, and managed more than 3,000 legacy apartment units for the past eight years as co-founder of Tristar, a nationally recognized real estate investment firm in Atlanta. Stagmeier led TriStar to develop its sustainable housing model that targets blighted and marginalized apartment communities near failing elementary schools.

In addition to creating affordable, quality workforce housing, Stagmeier and TriStar’s pioneering partnerships with educators, medical professionals, municipalities, non-profits, and foundations are reducing tenant transiency and improving outcomes through free after-school programs and summer camps, access to affordable health care, and community gardening. A graduate of Georgia State University, she passed the Georgia CPA exam, is the former board chair of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, former vice president of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors, and the author of Real Estate Asset Management: Executive Strategies for Profit Making. Stagmeier also is active in HouseAtl and other organizations dedicated to equitable housing. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, John. Her goal with Blighted!, Star-C, and, increasingly, with TriStar’s work is to create an equitable housing-education movement, starting with and always improving upon the open-source model presented in this book.

Connect with Marjy
@MarjyStagmeier on Instagram

00:02:39 Welcome, Marjy!
00:08:40 Addressing Inequality in Housing
00:17:10 Marjy’s Community Landlord Revolution
00:23:48 Creating Positions of Strength within Communities
00:32:32 Connecting Communities & Schools
00:43:31 Marjy’s Current Focus & Work
00:50:33 Resources Marjy is Looking For
00:52:19 Marjy’s Life-Changing Book
00:56:55 Marjy’s Call to Action
00:57:33 Connect with Marjy
00:58:35 Thank You, Marjy!

Marjy’s Life-Changing Book
“Blighted!: A Story of People, Politics, Corruption, and an American Housing Miracle” by Marjy Stagmeier (Available this fall)

Additional Resources
The $300m flip flop: how real-estate site Zillow’s side hustle went badly wrong | The Guardian
Atlanta Community Foodbank
Enterprise Community Foundation

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