Episode 142: Jason Cutter — Giving Ourselves a Pep Talk at the Halftime of Our Lives

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“You can’t control results, only activities.”

—Jason Cutter

Despite having a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, working in tech support and government contracting roles, and not getting his first official sales job until age 27, Jason Cutter founded the Cutter Consulting Group, with a focus on coaching and training individuals, and being hired by companies around the world who want to dramatically improve their selling effectiveness. He is the author of Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker, and host of the Authentic Persuasion Show, the Scalable Call Center Sales podcast, and Call Center Confidence with Cutter & Catt.

Connect with Jason
@JasonMCutter on Instagram

00:02:08 Welcome, Jason!
00:08:10 Overcoming Career Stigma
00:19:35 The Curse of Entrepreneurial Guilt
00:28:25 The Passion Myth
00:34:34 Marry the Vision, Date the Strategy
00:44:54 Making Yourself Invaluable in the Workplace
00:55:04 Resources Jason is Looking For
00:58:21 Jason’s Life-Changing Book
01:00:01 Jason’s Call to Action
01:01:12 Connecting with Jason
01:01:42 Thank You, Jason!

Jason’s Life-Changing Book(s)
“How We Change and 10 Reasons Why We Don’t” by Ross Ellenhorn

Books Mentioned
“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell
“So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport
“Reasons NOT to Focus on Customer Experience” by Nick Glimsdahl
“Reasons NOT to Focus on Employee Experience” by Nick Glimsdahl
“Good to Great” by Jim Collins
“No Ego” by Cy Wakeman
“Company of One” by Paul Jarvis
“Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan, Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Additional Resources
Enneagram Institute
Gary Vaynerchuck
Here’s What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage | Inc.
David Meltzer

Words of Wisdom
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt
“Every master was once a disaster.”
“Always grateful, never satisfied.”

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