Episode 132: Heath Armstrong — Pulling from Our Jars of Surprise & Leaning into the Mystery

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“One of the biggest mistakes we’ve made as humans is thinking we’re separate from nature.”

—Heath Armstrong

Heath Armstrong is an Author, the Co-Founder of Rage Create, and an e-commerce maniac. He is the creator of Sweet-Ass Affirmations: Motivation for Your Creative Maniac Mind, several Sweet-Ass Journals, and the host of the “Never Stop Peaking” podcast.

After retiring from his traditional ‘career’, he has worked location-independent in over twenty countries, summited the world’s largest free standing volcano, survived rafting the Nile River, witnessed exorcisms in Indonesia, and fallen in love with the culture and experience of East African digital education for children.

Connect with Heath
@HeathFistPumps on Instagram

00:01:52 Welcome, Heath!
00:08:15 Finding Our Why
00:13:43 Pushing Through Our Self-Imposed Limitations
00:23:43 Ensuring We Celebrate Our Wins
00:30:45 Lessons We Learn Traveling the World
00:38:41 Ego Dissolution & Plant-Based Medicines
01:01:17 Exorcisms in Bali, Indonesia
01:17:26 Resources Heath is Looking For
01:20:26 Heath’s Life-Changing Book
01:25:38 Heath’s Call to Action
01:26:19 Connecting with Heath
01:27:59 Thank You, Heath!

Heath’s Life-Changing Book
“Immortal Self” by Himalayan Amartya

Books Mentioned
“How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?” by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann
“Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield

Additional Resources
Sweet-Ass Affirmations Deck
60 Second Power Affirmations For Your Creative Maniac Mind Podcast
David Goggins
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Justin Faerman of Flow Consciousness Institute
Tommy Caldwell
The Dawn Wall Documentary
The Alpinist Documentary
The Shining
Levi Barker | Bwiti Iboga Provider at Iboga Wellness Center
Ram Dass Gives Maharaji the “Yogi Medicine”
The Exorcist

Words of Wisdom
“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” —Marcus Aurelius
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt
“May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light and renewal to those who work with you and to those who see and receive your work.” —John O’Donohue

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