Episode 131: Luke DePron — Living a Great Lifestyle by Design is Easy with a Holistic Wellness Plan & Support System

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“The impact and benefits of righting the ship in your health and wellness and fitness physique, man, it is so systemically impactful.”

—Luke DePron

Luke DePron is a sought-after online weight loss coach for busy entrepreneurs and businessmen. He helps high-achieving businessmen and entrepreneurs lose 20+ pounds of body-fat through the Lean Body Method, so their physiques, energy, and confidence match the success they have in business and in life.

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@LiveGreatLifestyle on Instagram

00:01:40 Welcome Back, Luke!
00:06:54 Fitness Marketing & Advertising
00:13:24 Holistic Health & Nutrition
00:26:22 Luke’s Personalized Approach to Coaching & Training
00:32:51 Pushing Past Our Preconceived Notions of What’s Possible
00:42:22 Working with Luke
00:55:45 Resources Luke is Looking For
00:57:38 Luke’s Life-Changing Book
00:59:52 Luke’s Call to Action
01:00:42 Connecting with Luke
01:00:54 Thank You, Luke!

Luke’s Life-Changing Book
“The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss

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Zettelkasten Method

The Lean Body 90 Day Online Coaching Program is for guys who want to:

  • Lose 20+ pounds & build a leaner more muscular physique
  • A plan that fits their unique schedule
  • Ready to start living a healthy lifestyle
  • Want more energy & confidence

Men who are looking for:

  • Help from an experienced coach for 90 days
  • Personalized resistance training program to maximize results
  • Custom nutrition framework tailored for your goals
  • Accountability and support with weekly check-ins
  • Coaching calls for questions/advice during the week to progress plan

Learn more here: Lean Body 90 Day Online Coaching Program

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