Episode 126: Eric Rine — Lessons in Leadership as an Entrepreneur, a Veteran & How We Can All Design Lives We Love

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“We need to be more useful to the people and the communities around us before we go out there and start worrying about what other people have.”

—Eric Rine

Eric Rine grew up in rural Central Ohio just northeast of Columbus and is currently living in an area not dissimilar from his childhood. He joined the United States Air Force in 1990 and continues serving to this day. Eric began a career in the insurance world in 1998 and still owns his own independent agency, Buckeye Benefit Consulting. In 2020, he purchased a parking lot striping franchise which expanded to a second location in 2021. He’s also a voice-over artist and works as a live musician from time to time.

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00:02:36 Welcome, Eric!
00:13:15 Holding the Relationships with Ourselves in the Highest Regard
00:23:43 Rebranding Failure
00:27:38 The Importance of Being a Strong Employer
00:40:10 Staying In Tune with Your Employees as the World Changes
00:48:57 Learning & Growing Through Adversity
01:00:31 Resources Eric is Looking For
01:02:49 Eric’s Life-Changing Book
01:05:18 Eric’s Call to Action
01:07:18 Connecting with Eric
01:09:01 Thank You, Eric!

Eric’s Life-Changing Book
“How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

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