Episode 125: Ernie Welsh — What Masculinity Means in the 21st Century & How We Can All Answer the Call to Be Strong Leaders

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“Men are strongest when they’re sensitive to life.”

—Ernie Welsh

Formally, co-host of the epic “Mosaic Life Podcast,” Ernie Welsh is a father, a husband and a student of life. He is an artist under the name “Jimmy Suspect” where, through music, Ernie has found a way of turning his pain into power. Most recently though, Ernie has dedicated much of his time to helping men turn THEIR pain into THEIR power while connecting to their deepest purpose in life. He is relaunching his 16-week program, Core Masculine Leadership this February. For any man looking to tap into his own grounded potential, this is an experience you do not want to miss.

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00:02:53 Welcome, Ernie!
00:09:42 Sharing Our Creativity with the World
00:21:13 Responding Mindfully to Bad Feelings
00:30:40 Reflecting on 2021
00:41:55 How Masculinity is Evolving
00:47:51 Thinking Critically & Having Nuanced Conversation
01:00:37 Resources Ernie is Looking For
01:02:56 Ernie’s Life-Changing Book
01:06:20 Ernie’s Call to Action
01:06:54 Connecting with Ernie
01:07:56 Thanks, Ernie!

Ernie’s Life-Changing Book
“Iron John: A Book about Men” by Robert Bly

Books Mentioned
“The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

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