Episode 120: Amber Trueblood — Defining Our Anxieties, Understanding Them & Learning How to Outsmart Them

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“What can you give yourself permission to do, or be, or say today?”

—Amber Trueblood

Amber Trueblood is a licensed therapist, author, podcaster, and mother to four sons. An avid reader and learner, Amber curates courses, workshops, and simple self-care tools for women. Since the 2019 launch of her book Stretch Marks, Amber has written and contributed to articles in national publications including O: The Oprah Magazine; Bustle; People; Fatherly; Wedding Wire; MindBodyGreen; Good Housekeeping; and Parade. She’s been featured in L.A. Parent and Times of San Diego and provides regular content for both Motherhood Maternity and MamasUncut. Amber has appeared as a featured expert on television stations such as E! Daily Pop, KTLA, and Good Day LA.

Connect with Amber
@OfficialAmberTrueblood on Instagram
Amber Trueblood on Facebook

00:02:40 Welcome, Amber!
00:06:54 Growing, Learning & Feeling Inspired
00:15:16 Showing Your Humanity
00:29:17 Finding Who We Create For
00:41:48 Defining Our Anxieties & Needs
00:49:19 Anxiety Relief Practices
01:05:19 Resources Amber is Looking For
01:07:07 Amber’s Life-Changing Book
01:11:18 Amber’s Call to Action
01:12:51 Connect with Amber
01:13:46 Thank You, Amber!

Amber’s Life-Changing Book(s)
“Believe IT” by Jamie Kern Lima
“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks

Books Mentioned
“An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” by Hank Green
“Ready Player One” by Ernest Kline
“Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon
“Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon
“Stretch Marks” by Amber Trueblood
“The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

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