Episode 116: Diane Halfman – Life as an Undercover Cop & Uncovering the Bad to Become a Force for Good

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“When people look at what’s best for themselves, it ripples into what’s best for society.”

—Diane Halfman

Diane Halfman was an undercover cop for the San Diego Police Department where she experienced a unique perspective of life behind the scenes. Diane took her years of experience to pioneer the creation of her own company called SPAlife which stands for Seek Power Always. As the host of the Live Your SPAlife Podcast and productivity consultant Diane Halfman travels the country speaking, consulting, conducting workshops dedicated to helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders move from a life of emergency to emergence.

Connect with Diane
@DianeHalfman on Instagram

00:03:12 Welcome, Diane!
00:10:33 The Pursuit of Happiness
00:17:11 Live Your SPAlife
00:23:42 Putting Our Faith in Humanity
00:32:05 Diane’s Work as an Undercover Officer
00:39:17 Dealing with & Healing from Our Traumas
00:46:27 The Prevalence of Human Trafficking
00:54:05 Living Our Purpose
00:58:49 Resources Diane is Looking For
01:01:17 Diane’s Life-Changing Book
01:05:20 Diane’s Call to Action
01:06:21 Connect with Diane
01:07:03 Thank You, Diane!

Diane’s Life-Changing Book
“The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity” by Edwene Gaines

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