Episode 110: Randy Gerber – Getting to the Root of Happiness in Business & Entrepreneurship in Columbus, Ohio

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“What I think about will ultimately form my character.”

-Randy Gerber

In the heart of Columbus, Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem – and not far from the stadium of his beloved Buckeyes – is the office of Randy Gerber. Randy is a successful business owner, a devoted family man, an OSU alumnus (and arguably their biggest fan), and a leader in figuring out how to simultaneously have a successful business and a robust personal life.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Randy knew he was called to do something different. He moved away from his family and the wings at Barbell Bill Tavern (his favorite food to this day), to attend The Ohio State University where he graduated from the Fisher College of Business. Bypassing the “safety” of a corporate career, he founded his own business in 1991. Gerber, LLC is a professional services business focused solely on improving the business and overall happiness of first-generation entrepreneurs. His holistic approach integrates his clients’ personal ideas and aspirations with their business, life and financial goals. His business has 16 employees and has served over 200 clients.

Connect with Randy
@GerberEmerging on Instagram

00:03:11 Welcome, Randy!
00:07:29 From Engineer to Entrepreneur
00:11:55 Prioritizing Social Depth in Business
00:16:25 Pivoting in a COVID World
00:21:10 Being Responsible for Employee Happiness
00:26:39 The Value of Strong Company Values
00:34:31 Entrepreneurial Life in Columbus, Ohio
00:41:48 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Business
00:44:38 Getting to the Root of Happiness in Business
00:50:25 Working with Randy & Gerber
00:53:07 Resources Randy is Looking For
00:54:30 Randy’s Life-Changing Book
00:56:21 Randy’s Personal Call to Action
00:57:28 Connecting with Randy
00:58:03 Thank You, Randy!

Randy’s Life-Changing Book(s)
“The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale
“Great by Choice” by Jim Collins

Additional Resources
Ohio State Fisher School of Business
Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
Columbus Partnership
Columbus 2020 (One Columbus)
Bob Walter – Cardinal Health
Les Wexner – Limited Brands
John H. McConnell

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