Episode 11: Lisa Bond, RN – Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Transformation, and Dealing with Stress

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Lisa Bond, RN, joins us to discuss dialectical behavior therapy and how her coaching can help clients through mental obstacles with a foundation of mindfulness.

You can learn more about Lisa by visiting https://lisabonddbtsolutions.com. You can also email her at lisabondrn@gmail.com.

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00:03:09 Stress in the Holidays
00:06:27 Introducing Lisa Bond, RN
00:08:37 Coping Ahead
00:17:12 Noticing the Energy in Our Bodies
00:22:37 DBT & Mindfulness
00:26:14 Using Distractions
00:29:11 Valued Pathways
00:37:19 Willingness & Willfulness
00:40:24 Living with Intent
00:48:01 Transformation
00:50:52 Alternate Rebellion
00:52:54 Mindfulness & Children
00:55:19 Stress in the Workplace
01:00:34 Lisa’s Personal Development
01:07:20 Considering DBT
01:09:24 Lisa’s Most Influential Book

Noteworthy Mentions
Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube
Attachment Theory
Internal Family Systems Model
Positive Psychology

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