Episode 102: Nathan Kohlerman – Thoughtfully Saying No, Setting Boundaries & Plant-Based Medicine

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“When we start asking why, and we start leading with a process of inquiry and we seek understanding, this is where real connection can be established.”

-Nathan Kohlerman

Nathan is the founder of NeuIntention. His mission is to redefine human optimization and modern masculinity through the mind, body, heart & soul. He is an Embodiment Coach & Transformational Speaker who guides others on the spiritual path of self-discovery, taking those he serves from misalignment to total embodiment. He has a strong background in transpersonal psychology, trauma-informed practices, metaphysical healing, addiction recovery, and energy dynamics.

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00:02:49 Welcome, Nathan!
00:05:29 Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn Responses in Trauma
00:11:53 Thoughtfully Saying No
00:16:20 Setting Boundaries to Better Serve Ourselves
00:22:38 The Practice of Asking Why
00:25:01 Understanding Why We Feel Possessive of Others
00:33:42 Gender Roles & Hypersexualization
00:43:56 Provoking Thought Through Vulnerability
00:49:01 Plant-Based Medicine & Our Individual Roadmaps to Recovery
00:53:27 Exposing Our Egos with Plant-Based Medicine
01:03:03 Resources Nathan is Looking For
01:03:59 Nathan’s Life-Changing Book
01:04:56 Nathan’s Call to Action
01:05:15 Connecting with Nathan
01:05:58 Thank You, Nathan!

Nathan’s Life-Changing Books
“The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida
“Waking the Tiger” by Peter Levine

Additional Resources
Episode #32: Nathan Kohlerman on The Mosaic Life Podcast
Complex PTSD
Landmark Worldwide

Words of Wisdom
“We’re already always listening.” -Landmark Worldwide

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