Episode 50: Defining and Measuring Success

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“Growth isn’t always comfortable.”

-Ernie Welsh


Big changes are coming to The Mosaic Life Podcast, and there’s a lot to be excited about.

This episode of The Mosaic Life Podcast is brought to you by the Parenting in the Midst of COVID-19 Survey. Lisa Bond and The Mosaic Life Podcast are conducting research into what resources will be needed by parents as school picks back up in the era of COVID-19. To take part in the research, please visit https://bit.ly/covidparentingsurvey.

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00:03:14 Welcome!
00:04:34 Ernie’s New Job
00:11:19 Integrity in Our Individual Roles
00:18:37 Big 50 Means Big Changes
00:30:25 Thank Yous
00:34:57 Future Ventures
00:40:13 Ryan Holiday’s Influence
00:44:08 Our First Vibe Box
00:48:05 Our Meditation Practices
00:52:57 Ernie’s Takeaways
00:56:45 What’s Coming Up on The Mosaic Life Podcast
00:58:58 How to Connect with Ernie
00:59:57 Wrapping Up

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