Episode 47: Putting Our Goals Out Into the Universe and Making the Big Asks

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Deep & Meaningful Conversations | 1 comment

“My unofficial life goal has become to help inspire people to demand the best for themselves.”

-Trey Kauffman

Pushing past the edge of vulnerability allows us to ask for help in achieving goals we may not have fully realized are important to both us as individuals and to the content of our character.

This episode of The Mosaic Life Podcast is brought to you by The Baca Institute’s Turaya Meditation Intensive: Inspiration into Action. The great changes that are occurring in the world bring an inner demand to respond. This demand can leave you feeling unsettled or overloaded. Learn more at TheBacaInstitute.com.

00:04:25 Welcome back!
00:08:16 What’s New with Trey?
00:18:00 40 Under 40
00:29:21 The Value of Language
00:34:34 Putting Our Goals Out Into the Universe / Making the Big Ask
00:45:35 Paying it Forward Selflessly
00:49:00 For All Ears
00:51:46 Life-Changing Books
00:54:47 Taking Risks and Doing New Things
01:02:17 Wrapping Up

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