Episode 34: Creating Days We Want

by | May 17, 2020 | Deep & Meaningful Conversations | 0 comments

“I don’t have to solve whatever feels bad in order to feel good.”

-Ernie Welsh


Ernie and Trey reflect upon the opportunities they’ve created for themselves, realizing how they do one thing is how they do everything.

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00:06:13 Ernie Welcome
00:09:22 Breathwork
00:12:21 Checking In With Each Other
00:18:38 Just Letting Go
00:23:34 Light at the End of the Tunnel
00:30:46 Are you using this time as an opportunity?
00:38:32 I Need X So I Can Have Y
00:41:02 Happiness Leads to Fulfillment
00:46:38 Offering Differing Perspectives
00:48:27 What will be my next best decision?
00:55:32 How You Do One Thing is How You Do Everything
01:00:37 Wrapping Up – How to close out conversations

Additional Resources
The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
Feeling Fulfilled, Loved, and Alive. Nathan Kohlerman’s Interview on The Mosaic Life Podcast

Words to Reflect Upon
“If you’re going to be miserable doing one thing, you’re going to be miserable doing everything.”

-Trey Kauffman


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